EK TAMASHA MERE AAGE – human resource used, misused, abused and thrown in dump

Baba BAKHORAN DASS (BBD) may not get proper sleep tonight as once again he has been proved WRONG by hyper vigilant BHAGYAVIDHATA of his earlier annadata. BBD is suffering from a sense of guilt that he had spoiled by polluting minds of some of his trainees like Arbind and Neelam. BBD had forgotten during his hay days that the kitchen where he was cooking the food was not HIS. He was only a stupid cook while he thought that HE was a SANDPIPER (a bird while sleeping it puts its leg towards sky with a sense that if the sky will fall on earth, by its leg it will not allow the sky to crush the earth). But, how STUPID BBD was in his thought and actions perceptions. The sky did fall and crushed everybody including BBD. BBD conveys deep regrets and seek apologies from Arbind Neelam.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit