JAAGO RE – issues of our GEN-NEXT who are at cross roads due to our indifferent approach

Baba BAKHORAN DASS had one uniform experience across the country on injecting a poison by majority of guardians every morning in the minds of their ward who is at vulnerable state of mind. The scene is early morning helping the ward to go to school. What ever the mode is – the uniform message by the guardian is BREAK/COMPROMISE the rule to suit you. No matter, it is falling in line while boarding the school bus or transporting the ward by own vehicle with no regard to traffic rules. This small incident gives birth to arrogance, non tolerance to start with and leads to various malice including frustration depression and may be to drug abuse.

Are we jointly and severally responsible for this plight and life style of the youth today who are the pillars of India next. There is an urgent need that proper nurturing, the comfort, the togetherness, the warmth, the support, and most importantly the feeling of being there for the GEN NEXT along with the family ties, values and bonds is felt. It is true that this is a difficult age but nothing could be more difficult and trying than to see your children treading the wrong path. Knowingly or unknowingly, we the parents and guardians are so caught up in our daily activities that we have very little time to sit and talk to our children. While our workload is on the increase, our special family time is on decline and devoured by SCREEN TIME. Yes, it is true that we work hard to give our children – THE BEST – our priority should be to mould and bring out the goodness in our children and not the fulfilment of their comfort and worldly pleasure. Let us all give our children a very important place before and above anything else. JAAGO RE

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit