China – the expansionist

We do not find any instance of geographical dispute between erstwhile British colonial rulers of mera Bharat mahaan and China. Its boundary with China was well defined by Johnson Line and McMohan Line. In 1865, the British sensing likely expansionist plans of the the USSR and China drew India’s northern boundary in the Ladakh region with Tibet which extended beyond the Kuen-Lun mountains upto Khotan and included the Aksai Chin desert and linked the Demchok in the south with the 18000 ft high Karakorum pass in the north. This is the Johnson Line. The treaty (1846) known as Amritsar treaty made British responsible for J&K northern and eastern border with Sinkiang and Tibet.
Our worthy critics of NAMO in the present polity may kindly enlighten us as to who is responsible for the humiliation that our Army suffers almost daily by those aggressors across the border? Is it not a wise decision of GoI now, to give fast track clearance for infrastructure development. One of the greatest contributors for illegal occupation by Our friendly neighbours. AND WE EXPECT FROM NAMO TO SOLVE ALL THE MESS CREATED BY POOR SIGHTED POLITY WITHIN FEW DAYS!

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit