It was last week of March 1980. BBD had to report to his new annadata on FOOL’s day of 1980 at Hyderabad. Thanks to his previous annadata the job was given on a platter – but for accepting the resignation – other than their telegraphic address everything was UNCERTAIN. There was not space for rail reservation from Katihar in Bihar to Hyderabad. Ultimately BBD proceeded to Varanasi to get the train named Ganga Kavery Express. During the jawani days of BBD, it was general perception in his belt that DAY TIME MEIN RESERVATION hota hai kya?

So, with such typical arrogance and other phenotypical grey areas, BBD Boarded the general bogey of GANGA KAVERY Express. The elder bro of BBD was a railway employee during those time, who accompanied BBD upto the platform and requested the TTE to take care him and see that some accommodation is arranged to BBD. Ultimately BBD could get one at Allahabad. Ganga Kavery Express was the only link to Varanasi and Madras etc. so BBD was experiencing all shorts of alphabets nouns adverbs adjectives as if he was Alice in wonder land. To cut short, BBD arrived Kazipet – completely exhausted physically n mentally and was waiting for the link train from Kazipet to Hyderabad. At the platform one old gentleman came to BBD and asked as to whether his bogey will come upto the place where he and his family was waiting. BBD was amused of this question – as he always felt convincingly that day time mein koi reservation ki zaroorat nahi hai. Just a few fit away one more young gentleman was curiously watching the episode, so BBD sought his help as to AB KYA KARNA HAI? The gentleman was also HUMWATAN in this prades and was an IPS probationer heading to join the academy at Hyderabad. Meanwhile, the train arrived. In the area of BBD there were two modes of entry into a train bogey – enter or penetrate, Entry was not acceptable to BBD due to his bloated ego – so as usual he penetrated through the window. No bars in train window in CATTLE CLASS during those days for the benefits of persons like BBD. The resultant effect was experienced. For the fellow passengers, we two probationer Biharies we were aliens and not acceptable in their company. Ultimately our briefcases were kept jointly in the passage and we two probationers travelled from Kazipet to Hyderabad. This was first hand experience of BBD on discipline. Today while passing through Kazipet and Seconderabad BBD could not hold his urge for a selfie

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit