BBD was not amused when he came to know about the recent reveal action exhibited by the electronic media on the decision taken by Sushaasan bhaiya & Co. Chief promoters of the company are social engineers who inherited legacy from LARA dynasty. These great sons of the punyabhoomi had found faults or root cause of all evils to BHOORE BAAL and ordered “…,,in ko maaro joote chaar …..”

What amused BBD that whether there is any end to such casteism? When ever God gave an opportunity to the mankind to show the talent for leading a mentally and physically healthy society – something goes wrong to the social value. BBD never believed in caste system based on birth. He firmly believes in MAHABHARATA. Teaching of this great epic gives us meaning of life. If BBD ha understood it properly our forefathers – HINDU society where everything had a place and where every thing changed with rhythmic regularity. The Brahmins were the teachers of the society, the Kshatriyas its guardian, the Vaishyas its service providers and the Shudras its servants. It further said that the life they led was just one of many. In other lives, past or present, the Shudras of this life would be a Vaishya, and the Kshatriya would be a Brahmin, or perhaps a rock or plant or beast, may be even God or a demon. Thus everything was cyclical. The point of existence in this ever changing world then was not to aspire or to achieve, but to introspect. How true? JAAGO RE and introspect. Save it if LIKE – DISCARD if not. AMEN

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit