GLIMPSES from LIFE & TIMES of BABA BAKHORAN DASS (-Do you really love our GEN-NEXT? – time to introspect honestly)

Baba Bakhoran Dass has developed a nagging habit of finding fault with LARA dynasty in making all out talibanisation of Magadh Pradesh. As per very personal comprehension of Hinglish of BBD, talibanization means complete destruction of infrastructure like education, communication, electricity, health services, selective implementation of law and order, delayed and defective delivery of justice. This effort will keep you in power, till there is advent of Lord Krishna as “ yada yada dharmasya…….. wayam rakshamah”. Incidentally, few adversaries of BBD feel that LARA dynasty was a krishnaavtar.

LARA dynasty made out all efforts for complete talibanization of his state. One among them was allowing NETARHAT School (near Ranchi in Jharkhand) to die.

BBD always thought to get educated from NETARHAT School or RIMC at Dehradun. BBD could not compete in entrance test – hence it remained only a daydream. Only his elder son could fulfil his desire – as he is a RIMCOLIAN – making his eligible to command an unit of Indian Army as of the day.

Now, not withstanding any anything against anybody and without any prejudice BBD is very much thankful to LARA dynasty which taught us that DEMOCRACY is the government PEOPLE DESERVE. The issue this time creating disturbances in the grey matter of BBD is BASIC EDUCATION. BBD is thankful to Prof. (Shri) Rohit Dhankar hon Secretary of DIGANTAR at Jaipur who ignited the mind of BBD to borrow his words and make a cocktail based on his own experience and put it on public domain and introspect very honestly as to whether, we really love our GEN-NEXT?

BBD had his education only in Govt. run institutions – right from basic education to graduation. Maximum tuition fee (which included hostel fee too) was INR 9.50 (YES sir less than 10) per month. First it was Primary School at Nagla (now under Jehanabad district of Bihar) – only veranda was available during rains – else it was beneath trees. Then, it was middle school Kinjar (now under Arwal district of Bihar). If you can have faith in uttering of BBD, in his classroom (class V) we all had to share with live brick kiln in the classroom. Then, it was Adityapur Jamshedpur (now Jharkhand), followed by Nasriganj in Rohtash district of Bihar and last destination was Kinjar H.E. School. Till class IX, it was the halo of his father (being a Govt. servant and well respected in the society) teachers of BBD used to asses factually only during half yearly examinations, but were feeling uncomfortable in assessing factually during Annual examination. This was the only contributory factor for not remaining in the same class for the next year.

Now, coming to brass-tacks. BBD understands that Govt. of Rajasthan has decided to close down more than 17,000 schools. Maharashtra to close down nearly 14,000 Schools. Is it not SHOCKING?

To be continued….

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit