GLIMPSES FROM LIFE & TIMES OF BABA BAKHORAN DASS (BBD) – Issue of Black money and role of Shri V.S. Pandey IAS

Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) is observing various types of reaction in the electronic media and social media on Black money issue. Our Mahaan Bharat is really very mahaan. We are such stupid creatures who can be fooled by all sorts of elements on sentiments. Those who make a shit over head, we do not mind paying very high regards etc. etc. etc. Subsequent contents of the write up are simply borrowed from an article of Shri R.K. Raghvan – a former Director of CBI. Let us examine the while issue very pragmatically and critically to arrive at our own conclusion on how our system works. The main aim is to make aware our youngistan friends to realise the blunders committed by our generation, so that they do not make the same and pass on to the next generation with a sense of guilt that BBD is facing to be a part of system.

During 2010, Shri V.S. Pandey IAS (UP Cadre) joined hands with Shri Julio Ribeiro IPS – super cop of our era – and few others to form a NGO named as India Rejuvenation Initiative (IRI). IRI took legal action on Black money issue and during 2011 Hon’ble Supreme court of India took decision known as Ram Jethmalani & ors V/S UoI. For this Shri Pandey was served a charge sheet by the then U.P.Govt on five counts for alleged violation of 4 clauses of the All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1968. An enquiry officer was appointed to examine the issue and Shri Pandey was exonerated of all the charges on 30.08.2012. During September 2012, although Shri Pandey was eligible for promotion – but…… No points for guessing the outcome. Interestingly, the then Govt. of U.P rejected the findings of 30.08.2012, vide their orders dated 26.09.2012. The Govt. invoked the Public Servants (Inquiries) Act, 1850 to look into the charges against Shri Pandey. Significantly, the action of the Govt. came on the same day as the CAT dismissed the appeal of Shri Pandey on denial of promotion to him. Now, Hon’ble Supreme Court of India (a bench comprising Justice Chelameswar and Justice Sikri) has decided in favour of Shri Pandey. In doing so, the Hon’ble judges made some comments on what was palpably an act of rancour and vindictiveness by the Government.

What was striking about this remarkable judicial order was the thoroughness with which the bench demolished each averment against Shri Pandey. The two judges were categorical that this was a clear case of harassment of a hapless civil servant (“ The purpose behind the proceedings appears calculated to harass the appellant since he dared to point out certain aspects of maladministration …….. The whole attempt appears to be to suppress any probe into the question of BLACK MONEY. A part of the strategy to intimidate not only the appellant but also to send a signal to others who might dare in future to expose any mal administration.”).

The bench allowed Shri Pandey’s petition and awarded cost involved. The judgements saiys “The requirement of (a) democratic republic is that every action of the state is to be informed with reason. State is not a hierarchy of regressively genuflecting coterie of bureaucracy.”

JAAGO RE. Let the truth prevail.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit

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  1. I wish to add (without any intention of making contempt) that the S. C. Is required to impose exemplary penalty on those who has recommended, initiated and sanctioned punishment over the honest public servants. They are also required to be proceeded against under the relevant provisions of Law including their own Service Regulation for misuse and breach of power/ authority.

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