BURNING ISSUE (Namami Ganga)

Very recently Baba Bakhoran Daas (BBD) experienced a horrifying situation on the bank of Holy Ganga while attending the funeral of his brother in law. The body next to the pyre unfortunately belonged to a family which could not afford the cost of adequate firewood for the last ritual. Virtually the body was not burnt – rather (sorry for inappropriate word) roasted and handed over to mother Ganga. BBD wanted to cry. We the people talk big about social evils, social engineering so on on so forth – but unfortunately forget about human dignity. BBD has felt that besides other issues we have simply forgotten last respect to human being. At most of burning ghats the situation is extremely alarming as far as cleanliness is concerned. You will find all shorts of situation leading to environmental and ecological hazard. BBD suggest obligatory and convincingly burning of body using CNG or electricity. By this way we can save wood and proper dignity to the body of a departed soul. Let us JAAGO RE

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit