BBD is right the moment enjoying the serenity of Holy Ganga. It is the right side the flowing river. BBD started his professional career from a place about 50 Km away from this place on the left side of the same river during 1978. The place was called MANIHARI in Katihar district of Bihar. The major portfolio handled by BBD was PSA. Incidentally his professional career concluded handling besides other things – PSA. Very much satisfying and contended. BBD was lucky enough to be associated with Late Shri M M P Sinha the BDO of MANIHARI. A govt servant with genuine interest for development of development of rustic population totally marginalised by the system. Believe me of the situation when we had meeting with villagers to have their financial requirements – the reply was INR 100 ONLY – each applicant. We did all formalities completed at their footstep. FI word was not coined. But the joy on the face of the beneficiaries is still so vivid. The purpose was to procure bamboo to make basket for use of mango traders of MALDA in West Bengal. During follow up and recovery visits we used to carry ANGOCHHA (cotton towel with ultra thin texture). At one end it was SATTOO (roasted Bengal gram powder) and another side i was common salt with whole dried red chilly and onion). Once again, believe me you do not require any utensil to eat the wholesome food made out of the items wrapped in the ANGOCHHA. Wo bhi kya din the! Very satisfying. But the same feelings and sentiments BBD failed to get when he visited the last unit enjoying credit of more than a crore and having wonderful lunch in air conditioned situation on the same left stream of same Holy Ganga nearly 2000 Km upstream near Garhmukteshwar. I failed to get any sentiment/satisfaction on the face of the beneficiary or the Branch Head withYes, I agree . all sincerity of BBD reincarnated as Sunil. Ye kahan aa Gaye ham? Kya ye hai meri nazron ka koosoor?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit