Morning of the day started with songs played by somebody in the colony where I have come to participate in the rituals of my brother-in-law who left for the ultimate keeping every body shell-socked, particularly his mother and his wife (my only sister). The old lady has witnessed demise of her in-laws, the husband and now THE ONLY SON. It it but natural for me being the head of family after facing the loss of parents to become emotional. I have got it as MANUFACTURING DIFECT and accepted.
Fare enough, the morning songs were dedicated to Goddess Durga. I was just waiting for the barber to get all facial hairs removed including my crowning glory. During this waiting period, a group of Sufi with melodious prayer to Khwaza came for alms on their way to Azmer sharif. The colony is inhabited by staunch Brahmins of Hindu community. But for my family (due to death of young son, the mourning family is prohibited to perform such contribution) almost every family contributed – the infants were subjected to pass beneath the sheath of cloth on which the currency notes were put as alms. Wonderful sight to witness. After that, I was to perform SHRADDH a Hindu ritual offering food and water to pitars – departed souls. It was end of pitrapaksh – fortnight dedicated to ancestors. I really feel proud to be HINDU. As per my little knowledge and experience NO OTHER FAITH preaches such gracious approach towards all and sundry irrespective of origin and makes you instrumental on offering food and water. Air is available to all creature – but rationing starts with water and food.
Can our polity not give some time to practice SAM-bhav (sense of equality) and propagate ? How come a Hindu become communal? A true HINDU CANNOT BE COMMUNAL.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit