GLIMPSES from LIFE & TIMES OF BABA BAKHORAN DASS – My Uttam Pradesh – Ghaziabad then n NOW

Not very long ago, George Josheph IAS was the District Magistrate of Ghaziabad. Baba Bakhoran Dass(BBD) was not very old in the city, and was making efforts to acclimatize emotionally, socially, financially with a changed atmosphere from a very remote village in Bihar to semi/urban/metro culture. The efforts and results achieved by DM saheb in the sphere of rural development and road safety was simply wonderful.

Now, just for a change from his bias towards rural development, BBD is as usual confused as to whether the administration responsible for maintainig law and order know following facts or are they simply blissfully ignorant?

Cyclists and Motor Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of larger vehicles. When overtaking cyclists, leave at least one metre clearance. Don’t try to share the lane with them. Cycle riders are entitled to ride two abreast. Also, when you are about to alight from your car, check for bicycle riders or scooterists to avoid opening your door in their path. Take extra care of them. Bicycles, scooters and motor cycles are smaller than cars and therefore harder to see what appears to be safe gap in traffic may not be if there is an on-coming motor cycle or scooter. Children on cycles can also be unpredictable. A common cause of accidents is the failure of a right-turning driver to notice an oncoming motorcycle as motorcycle accelerates much faster than cars.

Drivers of Tractors and Goods Vehicles are prohibited from carrying passengers for hire or reward. In a tractor, the driver should not carry any other person and in a goods vehicle, he should not exceed the number of persons permitted in the driver’s cabin.

Do Not Carry Goods on a motor vehicle in a manner that may cause danger to any person, or load it thus that the goods extend laterally beyond the side, front or to the rear of the vehicle. Carrying of explosives, inflammable or dangerous substances by any public service vehicle are also prohibited.

Carry Only One Pillion Rider on your two wheeler. You must carry the rider only on the back seat. Do not allow any rider to sit or stand in front of you (not even children). It is not only illegal but often becomes dangerous because sudden braking may throw out the child or person hitting the vehicle in front. It is a violation of law to carry goods on your two wheeler as the rider may lose balance easily leading to accidents. Never Indulge in Zig-Zag Driving, especially on two wheelers. It is not only dangerous for you but is a danger for others also. Motorcycles have a high accelerating power. Don’t misuse it. Don’t overtake when it is not necessary. Remember, at higher speed the slightest collision can prove to be fatal.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit