Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) as usual of his manufacturing defect was on steering wheel of his car yesterday, inspite of the fact that he was a confirmed incompetent authority to negotiate its functionalities. The resultant effect was huge damage to the car and ONLY due to divine intervention loss to life and properties of other people, was averted. BBD is paying the price by licking the wounds at Meerut and hopefully will be left out with 31 teeth now onwards. BBD is moaning of the physical pain that was caused by his own misadventure – but at the same time, he is moaning with some mental pain. This write up is inspired by the direction of his old friend and wonderful gentleman named as Shri A.N. Das of Bhubaneshwar.

The incident – zooming of the car was initiated due to misplaced identity between the brake and accelerator. The misadventure was only for a few seconds; however, the brain was working that led the steering wheel to direct towards available obstacle – the saviour – the Palm tree. Damage was most mitigated.

Incidentally, BBD finds same analogy in lending to Agriculture sector by the FI of Aryavarta – no exception, whether it is cooperative sector, private sector, RRBs, CBs (including state owned), whether it is BMARU Pradesh or Kiskindha Pradesh or Malay Pradesh. All of us, jointly and severally playing with our real Annadata – the farmers. Highly incompetent persons like BBD, who cannot differentiate between a brake and accelerator is on driver seat, and brain is under control of an alien. The alien directed the Banking system to double the Agricultural Credit with a specified period. The accelerator worked too fast and complied within the specified period. BUT NO THOUGHT GIVEN on production front. A good number of farmers – unfortunately – fell in virtual debt-trap. Only God knows, whether there is saviour like the Palm tree – as BBD is moaning to find that our Annadata is left alone at the cross road – either he is financed much much more than what actually he needs (like KCC+Debt swap+LD+Farmhouse and blaw blaw types of other Shortcuts) to add miseries – JL(Agri) OR left out with request on deaf ears. Few months back, BBD was in front of a Senior Branch Manager of a rural branch of the Lead Bank in one of the most agricultural prosperous part of the country and wanted to know with him as to how much loan he can get (hypothetical question) based upon factual land holding and proposed cropping pettern. Same Bank, same branch 3 answers – Branch Head opined INR 50K, Astt. Manager (credit) was of the view of 100K and the Astt. Manager (Rural Development) was of view of 150K. Mind boggling – what is happening, and where are we leading to? And believe BBD, this is not a stray incident. Such population is in majority – simply playing with the farmers. Another way to legally create hurdle towards growth of meagre savings of the farmer is by way of Crop Insurance – BBD is of his opinion that once again jointly and severally, we are looting the Peter to pass on the benefits to Paul.

This is the cause of mental pain to BBD and we talk of System and procedure.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit