Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) has now entered into a new phase from the first day 2014, with lots of hope and sufficiently enough apprehension to keep living. Now, he is in Wild West Uttam Pradesh (WWUP). He visited his most favourite place – sabzi mandi near old Bus-stand. Even after more than 3 decades down the timeline, there is change of faces only. Absolutely there is no change from the jugglery and jargons of ‘MARKETING’. No space for better halves. So, if you wish to enjoy, be with only yourself or get the company of your very personal buddy (excluding fair sex strictly). People may look at you strangely if you carry a carry bag to so avoid plastic carry packs (bags). They are offered freely. No matter how much hazardous those freebies are.

Trading is brisk. Now, this part of WWUP has made much headway in trade of one of the most primitively identified with everlasting scope of growth that is FEAR (DARR). When BBD came to this place first, not a single naam-lewa of Shani maharaj – but for some funny looking one or two persons to be seen only for few hours with aluminium can on Saturdays for collecting mustard oil. Now, so far, BBD could see 3 permanent RCC built place called mandirs. During evening hours, huge crowd may be found in such places and some nice illumination around tree trunks of left over peepal trees. Brisk trading of this commodity (FEAR) – which is in very high demand, can be experienced at the road from Delhi towards the place at Vaishali Metro station. Lot of budding sellers in various shapes and sizes making very hard R&D work can be seen. You can easily infer that there is no presence of governance of any kind. This group of traders have upper hand at all places developing their business on the cost of our better halves. The impact is visible seen on the faces of our behan and beti, particularly after sun-set. Now, no public place in this city is devoid of such brisk business.

This FMCG (FEAR) trading is perfected by our Bhagya vidhaatas (both number 1 and 2) with mind-boggling success.

gR8 Gabbar Singh (GGS) once told “jo darr gaya o mar gaya”. He also told “Gabbar Singh se ke pratap se koi bacha sakta hai to woh hai sirf Gabbar Singh…”. BBD is confused (as usual), whether he is dead now or still alive, as he could see the same shadow of this FMCG (FEAR) in the faces of our “Nayak from Kaushambi”, Manish, Kumar Vishwas et-al. Kya ye hai …… ya mere nzron ka kusoor?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit