II Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakotishamprabhah II
II Nirvighnim kuru me dev sarvakaryeshu sarvada II

II Sadatmarupam sakalibhootam amadhinam soham achintyaroopam II
II Aadimadhyantvihinam twamekam ekdantam sharanam vrajamah II

II Radhakrishnavaham vande kishaurau peetshyamlou II
II Yabhyam bina na labhyante mangaalani sukhani cha II


O Ishan, I pray you, the one who is the LORD of all, an eternal nirvana – bliss, resplendent, omnipresent and is all Vedas in totality. I adore you who is without change, passionless, immeasurable. I bow prostrate to you who is without in the framework of form or shape, font of all sounds and is the fourth impersonal state of atman, who is beyond the scope of tongue, knowledge and all organs of senses. You, the LORD of Himalayas who is fierce, even the destroyer of kaal, a benevolent, abode of qualities and beyond the universe. I bow to you who is profound, in the minds of all living beings. Font of Immense splendour and wealth, shining forehead font of playful and enticing GANGES, with a crescent moon and garland of King Cobra in the neck, you are my LORD. Blue throat, benevolent, skull-cup garland, you are the dearest among all LORDS to everyone. I adore the Bavanipati, who is fierce, immense brave, mature beyond everyone, indivisible, unborn, resplendent like millions of SUN, who manage kama, moksha, moha and makes us dispassionate, holding a trident and can be approached by all and sundry. Auspicious, cause and end of the universe, o LORD please provide me enough courage and eternal bliss minus ignorance, abundant passion. I simply do not know formal way of puja, jap, prayer, still I am bowing continuously. Save me from rebirth, grief, sins and give abundant courage to reinforce the belief of Satyamev Jayate.

“Deh shiva vaar mohe – shubh karman te kabhoaun na daroon …….

Satnam wahe guru …..”

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit