– Frustration, agony; and anguish of National Didi

Probably it was winter of 1972, an young local leader from Barashal district of newly formed Bangladesh found a green pasture in north Andaman. Ritually, it was barren land but this great man had vision, who latter on made an unique history. During 1971, the then leadership could not visualise true pictures of times to come.

Instead of allowing the statusquo they found appropriate to allow a new nation to emerge at one hand and allow hundred thousands of refugees to take advantage of better living conditions and an emotionally stupid local inhabitants. Those people enjoyed the resources which were created for WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA. Although not wanted, they become occupant of natural resources with tactic support of the then dispensations. Bhadroloks of Bengal, instead of protesting preferred to migrate to the then Central Provinces, Bangalore and other places, making space for them to pollute nearby places like Kolkata, Bihar, Assam and Islands.

This young Bangladeshi subsequently became lawmaker for nearly 4 decades, representing the sickular largest political party of the country. Due to reasons best known to the party, the then leadership of the party dumped him in the dustbin of the destiny – but by then this Bangladeshi had brought hundreds thousands of illegal infiltrators to grab natural resources and become millionaires. Just visit to north Andamans and trace history after 1977, you will be in better situation to understand.

LAMHON NE KHATA KI – sadiyon ne saza paayi

By then, National didi has emerged as champion of grassroots stupid idiot bunch of emotionally fool people, and this Bangladeshi was accommodated in her party. His daughter was also accommodated in her party, but she was not having favour of luck that her father got. She could not enter the temple of democracy till now.

Now, after 2014, India is experiencing a new political era and heat is on to those who heather to enjoyed all doles. Assam and entire north east was ignored, resources used misused, abused, and clear cut divide, exploitation resulted in hatred and animosity between locals and outsiders. Assamese were finding themselves deceived by their leadership. Outsiders were used as Vote banks. After Assam, the tentacles spread to Males, Birbhum, Kisangani, 24 Parganas area changing the entire demographics. First used, abused, misused by LWE, now mastered by didi.

If the present political leadership takes a pragmatic and firm decision to identify such OUTSIDERS and throw them, then ….. tere vote bank ka kya hoga pagli ghodi?



During late 1980s a sizeable number of Kashmiri youth who were born during 1960s, separatists, linked to Pro-Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami were successful to mobilize a coalition – thanks to tactical support of NC and INC in the name of Kashmiriyat.
Their agenda was to implement the law of Quran in the Assembly. They wanted strong Islamic Jihadist movement.
During infamous election of 1987 full of questionable practices in the election process at state level with obvious support of the then dispensation at New Delhi were successful in sowing the seeds of dissatisfaction among such people who were compelled to get success in securing much less seats than what they deserved.
The situation led to rise in insurgency in the state due to conflict between various groups – such as Supporting the complete independence of Kashmir, accession to Pakistan.
One Syed Mohammed Yusuf Shah (now infamous Syed Salahuddin) born on 18.02.1946 at Soibugh Badgam rose to numero uno of anti India militant group, who hated any peaceful resolution to the Kashmir conflict, and threatened to train more Kashmiri suicide bommers. His father was working in the Postal Department of the then dispensation. His father wanted him to pursue medicine, while he wanted to be a civil servant. After formal education he became an Islamic Teacher at a madarsa.
Interestingly infamous election of 1987, he contested from Amira Kadal constituency, as a coalition candidate having understanding of NC, INC &Co – but is said that thanks to the then dispensation, he was forced to get less votes than Ghulam Mohiuddin Shah of NC who won the election.
Post election results he was arrested and joined Hizbul Mujahiddin which was the brainchild of Muhammad Ahsan Dar alias Master.
On 26.06.2017, the US Department of State designated him as SDGT i.e Specially Designated Global Terrorist.
But, in Mera Bharat Mahan, if BBD attains that title, readers can well imagine what will be the fate of his generation-next.

But for him…
His eldest Shakeel and fourth son Wahid are fulfilling his father’s ambition in pursuing medicine in Shere-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences.
His second and third sons Javed and Shahid are fulfilling his desire as civil servant in Education Department, and Agriculture Departments respectively.
His youngest son Mueed is working at Srinagar unit of EDI.

This can happen only in INDIA.

Shrimaan Daamveer Gyaneshwar Chatur Ramalingam & Co. will say Nothing, and we the people of India …..?




(Thanks to Sheilajit – Nayak of Kuashambi –

Views are more than 4  years back – but quite relevant even at this moment
Baba BAKHORAN DASS (BBD) was having a chat with the actual voters of Indraprastha. Without any exceptions, all of them have not only voted to AK49 – but canvassed a sizeable number of votes for him. Incidentally all of them were apolitical. BBD is convinced that AK49 and his team members are having killers precision in touching the raw nerves of we- the people who are hyper emotional. Now, a sizeable number of the members of acquired all the qualities of real Indian politician. Then with this lethal cocktail the outcome will be certainly in favour of them. If you donot believe in miracles, now no points of guessing.
What was the most interesting point has really amused BBD. When further asked the rationale behind the decision, following key points were shared by them:
01. I wanted to be Ashwa-thama for NaMo.
02. One more chance should be given.
03. Strategy of NaMo was not good.
04. We donot want Police Raaj.
So, tomorrow Bhau will be Indraprastha ka KING.

BBD is seeking views of all readers of this feeling – are we a matured democratic? Do we really want the nation to grow? We have experienced when Hon’ble late PHOOLAN Devi was being elected as Member of P, Shri T N Sheshan got his deposits …..!


GLIMPSES FROM LIFE & TIMES OF BABA BAKHORAN DASS (BBD) -Handling stone pelters Bihar istyle

During college days the generation of BBD was very much agitated- thanks to samajhwadi ideologies of Late JP which ultimately produced leaders like Lalu, Nitish, Subodh Kant Sahay, Sushil Modi, Shivanand Tiwari, Ravi Shankar Prasad and company. It was late seventies- but seed was sown a decade ago. BBD too was influenced initially by Late Charu Majumdar, Kanu Sanyal, Jangal Santhal. For their underground operations Kanu Sanyal use to frequent Santhal Parganas area of the then Bihar state

Basudeb da, Prof. Bhattacharya and others were role models for people like BBD. BBD as a sentimentally stupid but with shaky feet and unstable mindset become one of their followers. The then leadership of ideology could realise soon that BBD may become liability for them, so within few months he was thrown out without any harm.

Late Siddharth Shankar Ray under the Iron Lady handled the situation wonderfully well, and rest is history.

BBD still feels that it was a gift of Bengal to UP by way of industrial growth of Sahibabad area of NCR by forced migration of investors like Dabur, Devidayal groups initially.

The younger generation particularly from Begusarai (now Kanhaiya Kumar – then Kameshwar Singh) Mokama, Bakhtiyarpur were true source of headache like present Kashmiri stone pelters of today.

Nothing has changed in MERA Bharat MAHAAN. Only thing that BBD feels complete void of leader like Indira Priyadarshini.

The then Bihar administrators innovated a wonderful idea to handle those youth. The worst target used to poor Bus Drivers and conductors of BSRTC – particularly coming from Raxaul. Brand new buses used to run between Patna and Raxaul/ Birganj via Mokama as Gandhisetu in Patna was non existent.

Patna Tata, Patna Ranchi, Patna Daltonganj route were another popular routes. Police force was ready to apprehend agitated youth – not legally – NO FIR – no case- No record. These youth force used to be dumped in a new Bus which used to follow main Bus.

The welcome step by Police was complete NON VIOLENCE – completely Gandhiwaadi Tarika – just shave head not fully but few inches, complete shave of one side of eye-brow (of course left or right was choice of the beneficiaries) take out every paise from possessions- move the Buses either towards Jamui area or Nawada area. After giving boys nice workable dinner, they used to be offloaded at Nawada ghati or in Danua Bhanua near Jamui.

This strategy worked with cent percent success.

Now, BBD wish to suggest that Let SARVE BHAWANTU SUKHINAH….. particularly MEHBOOBA – make a group of such pelters in 50s, do the same treatment – ie shave few patches of head- one side of eye-brow, feed them well, take out every paise from possessions, take out mobile and start dropping them fro Moradabad, Aligarh suburb.

BBD is damn sure the villagers will treat them well, and BBD is extremely positive of its result. GoI-HMO – particularly KADI NINDA WAALE RAJNATH JI is listening- please initiate before Winter falls.

Wish you all the Best Hon’ble PM sir HM Sir RM Madam


Satyakama Jabala a boy, and later a Vedic sage, who first appears in Chapter IV of the ancient Hindu text, the Chandogya Upanishad – his story and background need be told and retold to our GEN-NEXT and beyond. It throws light on our culture and History.

As a boy, once he enquired about his father from his mother.

His mother Jabala, told him that she went about many places in her youth, and did not know who his father was.

As a boy, eager for knowledge, Satyakama went to the sage Haridrumata Gautama, requesting the sage’s permission to live in his school for Brahmacharya. The teacher asked “my dear child, what family do you come from?”

Satyakama replied that he is of uncertain parentage because his mother does not know who the father is. The sage declares that the boy’s honesty is the mark of a “Brāhmaṇa, true seeker of the knowledge of the Brahman“.

Sage Gautama accepted him as a student in his school.

The sage sends Satyakama to tend four hundred cows, and come back when they multiply into a thousand.The symbolic legend then presents conversation of Satyakama with a bull, a fire, a swan (Hamsa, हंस) and a diver bird (Madgu, मद्गु), which respectively are symbolism for Vayu, Agni, Āditya and Prāṇa.

Satyakama then learns from these creatures that forms of Brahman is in all cardinal directions (north, south, east, west), world-bodies (earth, atmosphere, sky and ocean), sources of light (fire, sun, moon, lightning), and in man (breath, eye, ear and mind).

Satyakama returns to his teacher with a thousand cows, and humbly learns the rest, the nature of Brahman (metaphysical, ultimate reality).

Satyakama graduates and becomes a celebrated sage, according to the Hindu tradition, and a Vedic school is named after him, as is the influential ancient text Jabala Upanishad – a treatise on Sannyasa (Hindu monk, monastic life).

Upakosala Kamalayana was a student of Satyakama Jabala, whose story is also presented in the Chandogya Upanishad.

On 5th anniversary of CBI raid at Nadini Layout and CO Bangalore, BBD remembers as to how his non biological mother charged him on various charges of criminal conspiracy; and commitment of offences of serious criminal in nature.

Haunted and hunted BBD was sent to gallows and the carcass was thrown without proper burial. A tar on his face a day before EOD.

GLIMPSES from Life & Times of Baba Bakhoran Dass

Village Pathakbigha

Village Pathakbigha a tiny hamlet of revenue village Barheta, off Arwal – Jehanabad Highway, Development block Ratni, PS Parasbigha in Jehanabad district of Bihar state has got unique feature and curse of being geopolitical neglect due to its political geography being situated bordering districts of Jehanabad, Patna (Paliganj Subdivision) and Arwal. This village is still known by Pandit Harinath Pathak (probable period 1840-1904) a saint a poet and author of many books like Lalit Ramayan, Lalit Bhagwat, Satyanarayan Vinod etc.
Late Pandit ji established a shiva temple which was renovated first during 1952 and subsequently during 2017-18. Now this village has got unique distinction of housing complete shiva pariwar as Lord Kartikeya is excluded in sanctum sanctorum in this part of our country. The author of these lines could not find any rationale behind it. But shiva temple of this village has got entire shiva pariwar in sanctum sanctorum.
This temple also houses the idols of navagrahas at an appropriate place along with Lord Hanuman and pindies of seven sisters and bhairon baaba is situated in the temple complex.


GLIMPSES from LIFE & TIMES of BABA BAKHORAN DASS (BBD) Judicial activism or vultureism

Very recent unfortunate episode of our very senior custodians of the judicial system sought better to seek public opinion and chose as per their wisdom better option to vent out their feelings wide open among highly sentimental WE THE PEOPLE – who are expert in liking licking the self inflicted wounds, and surrounded by section of vultures disguised as politicians. These vultures have time and again proved to be ready to sell what so ever they have or even those which are in their sight.


BBD had his own experience of this type of incident about 25 years back. He was on deputation to an organization as Director. The institute/organization was in its budding stage of experiment. Its management team consisted of 3 different entities  – two of them were adversaries. Hence as Director, it was great challenge to take along your competitor/adversary outside the four walls, but thanks to 3rd stake holder, all had to fall in line as per direction.


The Joint Director was from different background all together officially, but personally he was admirer of BBD – rather he was the instrumental in bringing BBD as Head of the unit.


But, unfortunately BBD was of different. He believed in RULES of the LAW in true spirit. Due to obvious reasons, the JD those the path of falsehood, deceit by poisoning the minds of secretarial staff. Incidentally all subordinates, although financially not adequately compensated, had the greatest quality – honest to the highest grade. This trait is very rare. But BBD was lucky that their trait of honesty was directed towards organization and not towards individuals.


BBD, was highly disturbed to find such negative developments, and was finding the challenge extremely difficult, as during the tenure of his predecessor Director such unfortunate incident created a situation unceremonious exit of the then Joint Director. So, if reported by BBD, right now to the Top Management Team might have emitted wrong signals.


BBD thought appropriate to keep quite as if nothing had happened and pretended to be ignorant. The JD was fully active in his mission and agenda.


Ultimately, on the date of next meeting of the Local Board of Governors – he used the last point of agenda – “any other issue by permission of the Chair” and offered immediate investigation against himself. The JD was also a member of the Local Board of Governors, while BBD was the Member Secretary and convener.


Ultimately, all honorable members agreed, and the investigation was completed fast track. The JD was found guilty and shifted immediately. BBD remained Director (so far, no body till date had honor to head the unit on deputation, wherein permission from RBI had to be obtained as special case to continue BBD as Director)


Now, BBD feels that a very strong and tough message is to be conveyed, wherein out of 25 members – ventilating views/feelings of 4 members can be tolerated just like that?


Let truth prevail. Appropriate decision must be taken by the Competent Authority and suitable action be taken very fast. The episode is greatest blow to faith of common man and severe blow to the image of NATION.